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Newcastle Piano Festival

Sep 29th - Oct 1st 2023

An exciting programme of events from a candlelit concert to an 8 hands extravaganza set in the beautiful building of Jesmond United Reformed Church celebrating the piano, female composers and artists.

We look forward to releasing more information and tickets soon.

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Grand Piano

Our Story.

Newcastle doesn't have an annual piano festival so we decided it was high time we created one!

It has been in the Semibreve pipeline for several years and has finally come to fruition thanks to the unwavering vision of Annie Ball, Victoria Robinson and Ben Richards

Pianists, Organisers and Promoters connected to Newcastle.

We noticed that there was a representational gender gap in the classical music industry and the programming of music written by female composers (they made up 5% of scheduled music in the world's top orchestras in a recent study).


We also noticed that here, in the North East, the established concert series and festivals are dominated by male artists and management.


In response, we decided to create a festival to redress that balance and create a performance platform which would best serve the needs of female musicians with a 100% female management team - 

Annie Ball and Victoria Robinson.

We look forward to welcoming you to the festival, whatever your age, race or gender and we are passionate about creating a wonderful experience for you whether you are new to the instrument or you're a seasoned pianist. There is something for everyone!

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Meet The Artists.

Our Partners.

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