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When award winning pianist, Annie, moved back to Newcastle after a long period in London studying and performing, she longed to create a completely unique concert experience. Coming from a musical family, a background in arts events and having cooked for music events at the start of Pia's career in food, it seemed only natural that Pia and Annie would join together and start The Semibreve Supper Club. A platform for hearing music and eating great food in a totally unique setting.


Pia has designed and delivered bespoke menus to weddings, private dining events and health retreats with huge success. Creating menus for the supper club gives Pia total creative licence. Pia's focus is on Organic seasonal, local and foraged produce alongside global flavours and cooking techniques which she carefully and expertly tailors to each supper club theme. Pia sees little distinction between the kitchen and the garden, there is often produce from her own growing and foraging on the supper club menus. As well as foraging, Pia is also a permaculture expert and evidence of permaculture principles can be seen in all areas of the supper club from the decor to the way guests are treated.


Having been heavily immersed in the music scene in London; hearing world class orchestras and soloists in the great concert halls, jazz, blues and folk venues, Annie has developed an ear for local musical talent and the ability to perform exciting and eclectic programmes. Travelling and performing widely in the UK and Europe has given Annie a firm foundation in the traditional art and context of piano performance. Having already collaborated and performed with a variety of artists in some unusual spaces, Annie's path to a more vibrant and immersive performance experience was already paved. Improvised performances with dancers, performances with sculptors in galleries and car park art spaces, poetry readings and busking are all experiences that Annie has enjoyed and taken inspiration from. Annie has many years of formal training and experience in event promotion and management which has helped Annie and Pia's supper club dreams become a reality. They both share a love and passion for perfection and often joke about what lengths the other has gone to create special aspects of any supper club event. 



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